Artists find inspiration in the world around them and for Lori Shinal, inspiration comes to her while traveling the world. Her career in Ralph Lauren's home collection department gave her the foundation her firm, Lori Shinal Interiors, is built on. Her subsequent exposure to different cultural influences fuels her creativity and love for design and creating welcoming spaces. Through her partnership with Barney's New York, Lori's decorative pieces are available to homeowners across the nation. Her designs are characterized by the attention to detail that goes into each surface of the room; everything from floor to ceiling is considered and becomes part of the overall design. Rooms touched by Lori's artistry, in collaboration with her invaluable in house designer Megan Matthews, are specifically conducive to the homeowners' lifestyle. Her own family provide inspiration to create rooms that welcome adults and children alike. With a belief that homes reflect the life experiences, travels and memories of her clientele, Lori makes each space unforgettable.

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